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Areas of Expertise

Transaction Advisory

We specialize in reviewing, drafting, negotiating and execution of the transaction documents for various deals such as raising investments, hypothecation of assets, debt restructuring, group company transactions and schemes or arrangements. Moreover, our focus is on comprehensive business advise. For example, in the building of a gaming application, we would advise on Information Technology laws, gaming laws, corporate laws, & consumer laws to ensure all-round business solutions.

Financial Law

Providing regulatory advice for cross-border transactions, international trade law, NBFC related laws. We support fintech companies and advise them from incorporation stage itself. For trade companies, we offer advise with respect to operational laws in India, and cross-border transactions, where the trading entity is set-up abroad.

Intellectual Property

Our team is well-versed in advisory and registrations of IP rights, and is well-equipped to deal with deep-tech, AI related business and intense manufacturing processes. We advise and assist clients with all their trademarks, copyrights, patent related issues, and help them ensure that their Intellectual Property Rights are registered where required. We further support our clients in licensing deals, royalty agreements, franchising arrangements to gain maximum value
out of their IP.

General Corporate

We offer legal advice to various businesses in diverse sectors in relation to their day-to-day operational corporate commercial matters, including issues relating to employment law, lease arrangements and company law. We also help companies streamline their business processes to align with good legal practices and contract terms (in sync with contract management services), to ensure cost-effective and efficient operations.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our team regularly advises on incorporation of funds, investments and exits. We specialise in legal due diligences and hand-hold companies to ensure that they meet the standards of documentation mandated by various investor groups. Moreover, we advise on assets / business transfer deals and provide support in leveraged buyouts.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Our team is able to extend support in cases of mock-due diligences, running litigations on behalf of the company, and managing legalities for Indian entities of various businesses in India and across the world. Contract management or contract administration enables businesses to streamline their terms of business, thereby allowing them to plan and optimize their delivery schedules, terms of deliverables, payments schedules to maintain liquidity while ensuring all possible circumstances are covered.

Data Privacy

Our advise is compliant with the latest updates in the sphere of Information Technology and Data Privacy, while being mindful of other industry-specific laws or consumer protection laws. For example, legal repercussions of a gaming application – this will involve legality of the games as well as the data collected to ensure all requirements under gaming laws and IT laws are met. We also provide assistance with data localisation for cross-jurisdiction compliance.


Indirect Tax Laws

We assist clients in advisory, adjudicatory, and appellate proceedings with respect to GST, Customs, Excise, Entry Tax, VAT. Our team specialises in advise on GST issues and tax optimisation analysis. We undertake matters under Customs laws while advising on other aspects of cross-border transactions and incorporations of overseas entities.

Employment Laws

We regularly advise on matters of sexual harassment at work place, employee compensation and benefits, leave entitlements, wage regulations, senior management hiring and exits, closure of businesses, diligences and employee transfers in business acquisitions, structuring varying forms of employment contracts, arrangements with contract workers, separation and exit documentation. We provide concise advice on a variety of HR documents along with drafting customised employee handbooks to suit the requirements of the clients.

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